July 2009:

As my sons were getting into BMX bikes I started looking into BMX racing which I enjoyed so much as a kid. The more I researched the more I realized how far away the tracks are from the Kankakee area. I sent a few emails off to the NBL (National Bicycle League) to see what needs to happen to build a track locally. I was informed that “I” would have to lead a grass roots movement to get this project rolling.


I decided to contact a few former local BMX racers from the 80′s…Brant Fred, whose parents ran the local tracks in town, and Ron Romano, who had just opened his own bicycle shop, Ride Outfitters. From there we made a plan to promote the sport to the local Park Districts and see what interest we had locally.

2011 – 2012:

We promoted the track to the local Park Districts and waited approval for the use of land to construct the track on.


Kankakee Valley Park District approves our track build. Track design is being investigated with several threads on the internet getting as much feedback as possible. Fundraisers are being planned to help fund the track build. We welcomed 80′s/current BMX’r  Bruce Jones to our B.O.D as he was trying to get a track built south of Kankakee. Our Board of Directors was established along with our Non-Profit status as well as being approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax deductible charity. We are recognized by the sanctioning body, USA BMX, and approved to construct our track build.


We attend USA BMX’s annual Summit in Louisville, KY. This three day event covers all aspects on how to run a successful BMX organization. Our second fundraiser was held at Brookmont Bowling Center. Layouts of the facility and track design are being finalized. We’ve had around 5,000 yards of dirt/clay dropped off at River Road Park.

We’ve been in discussions with USA BMX’s senior track builder Billy Allen as well as Dirttrendz. Lance Maguire is very excited to build this track and getting Kankakee back in the BMX game!

Current Status 2015/Future:

We were very busy this spring getting things ready. Shubert Trucking allowed us the use of his end loader which is huge plus for us! We can’t thank them enough for their generosity! This allowed us to move some dirt around where we needed it as well as hiring Zig Zag Excavation to lend a hand. We also had a 40′ shipping container dropped at the track which will be under the starting hill.

We are scheduled for our track build on July 27th thru July 31st 2015. We will need volunteers that week! Please contact us if you can give a day or two to help out. I will be taking the entire week off work as several people are needed to help get the build completed.

Once the track is built we will be installing all of the ancillary items such as laying drainage pipe, electricity etc., starting gate, concrete starting gate pad…and much, much more!! We will also be looking for a place to construct our registration building and concession stand. We certainly will need some help! If you’re available please get in contact with us. If you have special skills such as electrical or framing that would help out tremendously!

We hope to get racing under way as soon as possible when all the needed items are built and/or taken care of. We want to offer everyone a top notch racing facility and atmosphere. Fun and safety are our top priorities. We look forward to seeing everyone there!!

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